So life: the meaning of life in the kitchen

              See the definition of the philosopher who is also quite inspired, he said, “people can not tolerate a single color; who can not stand the solidification time and space; who can not tolerate the existence of emptiness; who can not tolerate the loss of self; who can not stand completely blank . “The problem here that are in line with our reality, the key is how to crack this problem.

People like this, can not tolerate a single color, not like Laogan one thing, even if this thing is very suitable for them does not work, then also complain life is not rich, so he began to travel; shopping; drink, in fact, this is the heart can not fall.
Solidification time and space can not tolerate people not like to do some more boring; boredom; trivial; annoying things, such Cayou hood; clean up the kitchen; put all the pots and pans at home rubbing new, etc., which all belong to the solidification time and space, like dry fun and interesting things.
People can not tolerate the existence of emptiness, so people always want to do something, or even what is the point, such as when a minor official, or official, pipe something, a little power, gotta put yourself displayed.
People like this, unconsciously, on the last of the “thief” ship, if you do not put these thorough analysis, he thought he was desperately in pursuit of the value of life, but also that the meaning is doing his own life. Especially the death-defying want an officer who, defying who want to control something, in fact, are the most incompetent people, human capacity is not something you can control how much, because such people are doing business, its purpose is not to Officer but fill an inner void, the dry matter mostly frustrating, because in his heart of hearts, the starting point is not for the benefit of, but there is no sense of torment.
Because only toss, will solve the “single color; solidification time and space; existence emptiness,” which is his real purpose, but he will not admit this purpose. Because he does not know who’s behind, there will be such a thing. He will use a set of logical deduction set out the truth, to explain his behavior, which is the difference between the so-called rational, human and other animals, is rational, but also rationality derived logic used in a life of , the meaning is derived not come.
The so-called derivation logic, are a psychological reaction to push the concept, it can not get in real life. Now the mention of science; logic; analysis; judge for the life of this great practice, I creeps, nature is nature, life is life, nature and life can not have a set of scientific logic approach.
World Dahua, again and again, but the air circulation is yin and yang, yin and yang of the gas even while this is not a purely rational. So life is simply not purely rational logic of life, becoming a blessing to be a refuge scientific logic failure. Solve monotonous; lonely; emptiness, as peace of mind is a blessing to resolve. Chinese sage is invincible, the fundamental purpose is to use the “most simple; low cost; most convenient” way to solve these fundamental problems. The kitchens are able to solve these problems. Need not himself so hard, to an officer; go Officer; let’s go to an officer Officer, do not need strenuous effort.

Life is so: the kitchen is the home of the soul

See the definition of the philosopher who is also quite inspired, he said, “people can not tolerate a single color; who can not stand the solidification time and space; who can not tolerate the existence of emptiness; who can not tolerate the loss of self; who can not stand completely blank . “The problem here that are in line with our reality, the key is how to crack this problem.

There is a series of questions designed, than a no easy solution, if some serious, life if a few things to get it resolved is good, and as simple as possible, the cost as low as possible, the required resources better, more able to popularize the better, the more it can give less harassment as possible, the more we can inspire other people to be good, the better, this can be said that a person has “capacity.”
We can not say that a man invented the “atomic bomb” has the ability to be called, can not say that a person can read “Doctor” is meant the ability, but also can not say that a person can become a “high official” is meant the ability, but can not said a man made ​​a “big money” has the ability to be called. Because a person can read “Doctor”, not be able to solve the problem, not solve these problems, not solve the fundamental problem is that life inevitably will use extreme measures to solve these problems, the good thing is the “suicide” the most harmful is the “murder” rather hard “killings” have been rare, but the “soft kill” more vicious, the most common “soft kill” is constantly “frustrating”, who from such a person near, unlucky, which is like live in dormitories a “sleep” of the people, not medication, the results get who sleep, watch TV; call; blind online chat.
We often say that paradoxically, look at a few ways to start with this, how to look at a person is to solve these problems, do not look at a person in particular to do, and see if he is wanted by the dry thing, really want to solve the problem, too many people do not know themselves what their true purpose is, but this one in particular will be disguised, the most common is the moral disguise, such as home vain all day long, but he would say to me it was all for this “home” ah, in fact, this person did not live or die housekeeper, just to himself. There is a logical disguise excuse for his behavior up to this man, first of all he knew his behavior guilty, and thus will find a good excuse for their behavior, common interface is the “hobby” In fact, he those acts of harm to others has long been a “hobby”, or for their first establish an “argument” and then further to a logical extension of their arguments own logic, its own extension, of course, is very correct, he forgot, Apart from him, there is heaven and earth.
This man is an enemy of good family, home, and if there are such people, turns out to be the enemy of the current, older people ran out why you need it? Really busy schedules thing? No, now, although busy, but it has not been busy on that part Rickshaw’s.
Unable to endure the loss of self, is “restless” because a people, we always want to get everyone’s approval, social recognition, which may also be called social person “animal” reasons caused, in fact, cause a person always want to admit groups, or because the human heart is not strong enough. Do not give yourself any old excuse, a person’s “soul” is the need to be placed in a home, what is the “soul”? Is a person in any place to stay, the more long-term, their “soul” will fall where best to your “soul”, placed in your own home, “kitchen”, do not do not worship “ghost house” worship “Wild Ghosts.”

Breakfast you eat the right thing

Imagine every morning how many people will eat sugary cereals? This is not surprising. It’s quick and easy is obvious, if you choose not contain sugar-coated cereals, of course, is good for your body. But in our lives there is actually a lot of sugar-coated cereals, the fact that you are unaware of when you can have a lot of sugar intake.

Excess sugar will make it more difficult to lose weight, but it will consume your energy. Whenever you work in an office desk, you have to come with a refreshing snack. If you must choose cereal for breakfast, be sure to check the ingredients of the food, most of the time you can see sugar as the second ingredient. Be sure to choose high-fiber, low-sugar cereal division.

The most appropriate “golden sleep time”

A few hours of your day to sleep it? “Of course, it is generally assumed eight hours,” the people there are “too busy, six hours or so there is no time to sleep outside,” the people have it.
General common sense, from a long time ago, “the time is 8 hours of sleep a better shot,” the said. However, according to studies, in fact, eight hours of sleep is not only unnecessary, eight hours of sleep a more appropriate time became clear!
American English-language newspaper “Wall Street Journal” reported English as a reference, the new facts sleep time trying to explore it.
■ Gold sleep time?
Studies show that about sleep, good health is the best sleep time is “seven hours.” There is a saying yes, 20 points less than that, and too much memory and adversely affect the health status or out.
University of California researchers, for 1,100,006 years conducted a large-scale survey, most adults sleep lowest mortality is 6.5 times from 7.4 hours between. Average, about seven hours to do ah.
Newborn babies sleep a long time, the need is well-known fact, but whatever the outcome, sleep time, fewer older together.
The same senior female researchers, conducted a survey in 10 years, the sleep time is 5 hours or less, or more than 6.5 hours of female mortality, 5 hours to 6.5 hours of female higher.
■ “overslept” took place drawbacks is healthy
Fatigue and memory decline caused by lack of sleep, the risk of obesity and other health risks, often know, but, surprisingly, yes, “overslept” The situation is the same as a lot of damage there.
According to the research, adults sleep longer than necessary, excessive intake of life continues, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and so easy now. Moreover, people who sleep too much time, 7 hours of sleep than people high mortality rate!

Indeed, the next day, dizziness dusky body hypersomnia occur also actually worsened, the body can not function well things are. The quality of sleep, usually their own to develop good habits, proper exercise and healthy eating habits, it seems to be an early bedtime.
Above, the new facts related to good sleep convey, but how? Average statistical point of view, one day seven hours of sleep for most healthy life. However, the need for sleep, the body gets used to the different possibilities of individuals and also be considered.
His head and body, “the sleep time, then the most lively and healthy feeling” figure, aware of their sleep and wake up time to adjust, try the daily sleep time must be taken.

Let your weight loss diet food

Weight loss troubles, then straightforward to eat ah. “Diet menu boredom,” “suppression of heat, but the delay is not thin ……” so a lot of people.

In fact, just want to lose weight in advance, intake of ingredients! Therefore, the eating, “seeing the thin diet food” presentation.
■ key to successful weight loss is “Ritz ji su Comedians protein”
Ritz ji su Comedians protein is a plant fiber is difficult to digest protein. It is noteworthy that this Ritz ji su nature haiku excellent protein. Ah, cholesterol and lipids such as oil adsorbed to the outside to work.
In addition, the flight lipids increased, so constipation can expect improvement considerations. This Ritz ji su Comedians ingredients including protein intake, the key to successful weight loss can say yes.
■ Ritz ji su Comedians protein ingredients, including four
(1) soba
Buckwheat contains Ritz ji su Comedians protein, fecal neutral cholesterol promote the discharge, inhibit cholesterol. In fat synthesis in the body, reduce fat suppression is considered.
(2) Lees
Lees Ritz ji su Comedians protein, lower cholesterol levels, so that the inhibitory effect of obesity. In addition whitening effect, adjust the pores of the skin, etc., women are happy effect can expect.
(3) Soybean · frozen tofu
Soy protein contains Ritz ji su Comedians protein, cholesterol-lowering effect was considered. Among them, frozen tofu protein, soy protein than the proportion of Ritz ji su Comedians lot of protein, cholesterol strong regulatory role expectations.
(4) Silk Protein
Silk Cocoon line, central and phosphorus-containing proteins are also one of Ritz ji su Comedians protein. Lower cholesterol, inhibit fat than the effect of inhibiting the activity of Sanso, non-rusting is to keep the skin and body.
How what? What are the ingredients of this, very happy ah. Comedians strength Ritz ji su protein, weight loss will accelerate it.