Fashion trap health care has credible rumors

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Trap 1: colon hydrotherapy, fasting, detoxifies
Fashion reason: Many stars have insisted on colon hydrotherapy beauty, the purpose is to let your body no stool, no accumulation of toxins, avoiding the embarrassment of social occasions, the skin will become transparent and shiny, better than simple topical cosmetic effect. People are not accustomed to this method, you can choose the method of detox fasting, that there is one day a week without eating, eat fruit or drink honey water, can also play a role in eliminating body toxins.

Subversion reason: Chinese also speak detoxification, in addition to the normal stool, urine and sweat three kinds of detoxification pathways, ancient people and even spring and bloodletting detoxification argument, but colon hydrotherapy easy for bowel thicker, longer repeated stimulation will make the bowel paralysis, and ultimately lead to some human factors of disease. Fresh off detoxification method should also vary. Some people spleen and stomach, eat fruit and other cool stuff stomach flatulence occur. If you are overloaded workers, to the dinner do not eat, the body will be fatigue, dizziness, hypoglycemia, have an impact on health.
Trap 2: natural, is good
Fashion reason: modern society, too many pollution, natural food and skin care products due to contamination, so beneficial to human health. The most typical is aloe vera, both healthy food, but also a beauty to share.
Subversion reason: Aloe on the human body does have a lot of wonderful magical effect, however, there are more than 500 varieties of aloe vera can be used as medicine, only a dozen, you can eat only a few varieties. Experts warned that contain aloe vera emodin effective “vent laxative” and, easily lead to diarrhea. Different varieties of aloe, herbs, efficacy are very different, different people use aloe physique will produce different results.
Trap 3: body sculpting underwear, effortlessly able to have a good body
Fashion reason: I hope they have a good body, but no time to go to the gym, fear of weight gain immediate harder to refuse food. Miss shopping guide listen shaping underwear how to say? Body fat can be moved …… then look at the first body sculpting underwear popular in Japan, the first batch of fans who now has a six-year-old man, and the body remained at three ten years ago, when dressing like. You say who can resist such a temptation?

Subversion reason: taut body sculpting underwear to “bind” in the body, it will affect the normal blood circulation and sweat excretion, will lead to genital humid bacteria. Especially girls long-term wear tights, not only will affect the development, but also induced mammary hyperplasia or cysts and other diseases. Therefore, health care experts advise: Women’s abdomen has many important organs, such as the uterus, ovaries, etc., for a long time to wear a corset cause muscle tension, physiological functions affected. Waist may also affect lower limb blood circulation. If you have eight hours “sculpting” One day, in the abdominal cavity under hypoxic state, it will cause damage to the body.
Trap 4: brush your teeth immediately after a meal
Fashion reason: with a neat white teeth, is not only the basis for good health, more people in social situations with confidence. After meals, when others are busy playing a tractor or shopping together, you come up with a leisurely toothbrush. Fashion enough, enough alternative!
Subversion reason: Oral latest research experts believe that brushing your teeth immediately after dinner harmful to dental health. In the crown of the surface layer of enamel, just eaten, especially the consumption of acidic foods, will make the enamel becomes soft. This time brushing likely to cause damage to the enamel. Over time, tooth enamel is gradually reduced, people are likely to suffer from tooth nature of allergies, acid occurs when teeth to eat, pain symptoms. Therefore, oral experts advise, best gargle with water after eating until 1-2 hours after brushing.
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Fashion yoga exercise to lose weight healthy diet

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Yoga exercise has become a preferred choice of many white-collar workers MM weight loss, exercise. This is not only the unique charm of yoga culture, but also because yoga is one of the most close to nature, the most affinity movement. Meanwhile yoga suitable for any age and gender of people practice sports can play better results.
1, yoga can Body cultivation
According to experts, yoga can be corrected by prolonged fatigue or poor posture caused by the deformation of the spine, improve poor posture, enhance their self-confidence. You can stretch the muscles through exercise system, so graceful body lines, and lose weight. While also enhancing the healing power of yoga to prevent various diseases. Such as migraine headaches, insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis and so on.
2, yoga can raise heart decompression for us
We all know that regular practice of yoga can ease the psychological pressure. Yoga can help us to improve the ability to concentrate, and relieve tension, alleviate depression, the mentality of people in good health.
3, yoga can conditioning beauty
Like our Tai Chi Yoga, requires a long stick, so as to achieve the effect of yoga: can delay aging, forever young and beautiful face. Yoga by pushing, pulling, twisting, squeezing, stretching and other internal organs play a variety of positions on the role of self-massage, and strengthen the physiological function, endocrine regulation, so that the body metabolism is more favorable.

Yoga is now a worldwide movement of women health, has been widely welcomed, and its effect is also very good, especially for people who lose weight, yoga is a good one healthy way to lose weight, as long as we stick to it long , not only to achieve weight loss goals, the most important thing is good for your health.
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If the end of the world you have to bring your rice cooker

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First, the end of the world will not come, so do not be afraid. However, your own doomsday may not be. For example, the township off alone to work hard, unbearable ravages of menopause parents out alone, for your stomach, this is the harsh reality of extinction. Therefore, once the above happens, please remember to bring a rice cooker. Because, it is almost 0 in the case of operations, cook the rice is delicious.
[Why take the rice cooker? ]


If you do not cook, the stove hoods and pots and pans to buy the whole of it is a waste. If you have stubborn fat in my circle of friends on a few photos to show off their “cooking” in order to gain others just hypocritical appreciation, then the rice cooker is definitely the first choice. In addition to the usual will not occupy your space, use it in cooking cool vigor certainly make people think you have recently become a performance artist. Not to mention, it is only on the more than one hundred dollars of the price.

[What cookers do? ]

I’m sorry to tell you, is really nothing you can do. Do not look for the rice cooker is born, but it is hidden in the earth’s “savior.” Whether steamed or boiled, it can easily deal with. However, to be reminded that the world really end in less than a day, you do not use the rice cooker baking, because things can only be termed made ​​out of steam creamy dough. (Stir-fried and barbecue cookers can not, or it is broken cooker posterior)
[What cookers to let me live? ]

Well, if you want to live, any sophisticated products are not save you. Therefore, do not be too obsessed with those legends such as Tiger star product of a class. If you are wondering loving gourmets, even a rice cooker from the wholesale market (we do not recommend three free products), but also to look good save your little stomach.
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Autumnal Equinox season’s most desirable drink seven kinds of congee

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Yesterday was the autumnal equinox season, autumnal equinox solar terms represent has entered into a real autumn season, but this time the weather is dry, the temperature dropped, followed by a variety of diseases in autumn, so we want a strong physical exercise, enhance physical fitness prevention of diseases in terms of diet, we should drink more water, eat some dryness, warm food, porridge is the best choice, not only can but also kidney Yin lungs, YangYinShengJin. The following posters, web series compiled to introduce some sort of autumn congee, everybody together and see view!

One, white fungus soup

250 grams of rice, white fungus 15 grams, add water, amount of congee. Jelly autumn Yin, lungs, fluid tonic. Tremella porridge has the effect of lungs cough, Qi and kidney. Yin heat applied to dry cough, Qi and so on.

Second, walnuts porridge

Walnuts 10 grams, 10 grams of rice. Rice gruel boiled, peeled and smashed add walnuts porridge, causing thick porridge simmer to the surface to see the oil for the degree. Indications impotence back pain, chronic constipation, urine leaching Lek.
Third, pumpkin porridge lily

250 g pumpkin, fresh lily 50 grams, 100 grams of rice, crystal sugar. The pumpkin, peeled and diced, fresh lily petals pick wash. Wash the rice cooked with text Huoao cooked, add the pumpkin small boiled, then add sugar, lily, boil. Pumpkin rich in nutrients, low in fat, easy to digest and absorb, but also catharsis. With Lily Yin and lungs, spleen and nourishing yin has a role.

Four, lotus rice

After lotus rice made ​​up, in the water with a brush to wipe the skin, put out lotus water boiled, then eaten with rice cook with Jianpizhixie, kidney Guse, the power of the uneasiness of mind for spleen eat less, belly virtual vaginal discharge, emission, frequent urination, irritability, insomnia, forgetfulness more than a dream.
Five, chrysanthemum porridge

Chrysanthemum 30 grams, 100 grams of rice, the first chrysanthemum decoction, juice Garmisch congee. Chrysanthemum porridge with scattered wind heat, clear anger, bright eyes and so on, for the autumn wind-heat type common cold, upset throat, red eyes and throat and other symptoms of cardiovascular disease also has good control effect.
Six, yam rice porridge

50 grams of rice, 300 grams of yam, white sugar amount. Wash the rice, add water to a boil, then warm fire congee. Yam, peeled, cut into cubes, after porridge cooked, put it cook until cooked yam, sugar seasoning and serve. Has a nourishing stomach, gastrointestinal conditioning effect.
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Seven, red dates longan black rice

Red dates longan black rice with appetizers Yizhong, spleen warm liver, eyesight and blood circulation, complement the fine slip astringent effect, for juvenile white hair, women postpartum weakness, physically weak after the illness and anemia, kidney are very good nourishing effect.
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Health care: anti-fatigue Six diet

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Today’s office workers, although the surface full of energy, physical and mental state but steady yellow light. Here are six kinds of diet can help you effectively combat fatigue.
1 balanced diet is the key

A balanced diet is certainly diverse body so as to avoid malnutrition due to weak. Need to comply with the following rules: each meal twice a fruit and vegetables (raw or cooked can) every day; eat foods containing starch electricity, but not too much (bread, pasta, rice, dried vegetables, preferably crude, because it contains a lot of fiber, vitamins and mineral salts); once a day of meat, fish or eggs; finally meal essential to dairy (such as yogurt, cheese, dairy snacks, etc.).
2. appropriate to add sugar and carbohydrates

As basic nutrients, sugars and carbohydrates are the main source of physical fitness. It runs all the organs, especially the brain, need to consume sugar. Every day. 50% -55% of the fitness supplement must rely on sugar.


Most favorable is complex sugars (ie, “slow absorption of sugar”), because it will not soon be consumed by the body, you can always time to add energy. The following foods are rich in complex sugars: pasta, rice, bread, dried vegetables and so on. However, there is no need to eat every meal, once a day is enough.

There would also like to recommend this article can supply energy for the body biscuits. The main ingredient is wheat biscuits, cookies provide energy from its carbohydrate content. Breakfast, the energy of ordinary biscuits, butter biscuits or breakfast biscuit dedicated to provide to ensure that people have the time until lunch energetic. If you eat a fruit, an egg, a glass of milk, energy is a complete and adequate breakfast, ensure that you have a morning full of energy. Afternoon tea, eat a few biscuits and a drink, you can make your work with full enthusiasm has continued to work.
3 Do not forget vitamin C

Vitamin C anti-fatigue effect is well known, in addition, it also helps boost the immune function (resistance to viruses).

Kiwi, citrus fruits (such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit), red fruits (such as strawberry, raspberry), brightly colored vegetables (such as cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, etc.) contain a lot of vitamin C.

This article provides vitamin fruit again. The brain needs to work a variety of vitamins and minerals. B vitamins and vitamin C is especially important for the maintenance of the body’s mental and physical. Folic acid is a human growth and development and the nervous system runs indispensable vitamins, help to improve learning ability and memory. Green leafy vegetables (such as lettuce, wild lettuce, spinach, etc.), the highest content of folic acid melon and strawberry. Vitamin C helps to maintain awareness activities (memory and learning) are effectively. Vitamin C content of many vegetables and fruits are guava, parsley, peppers, kiwi, strawberries and oranges. So ensure eat fruit from 1 to 2, 500 grams of vegetables per day.
4 iron absorption can not be ignored

Many women do not like to eat red meat (beef, lamb, etc.), however, red meat contains iron is the basic ingredient of red blood cells, can assure that all organs of the body’s oxygen supply. Iron deficiency can cause anemia, manifested as extreme fatigue. The best source of iron is blood sausage, liver, red meat, pigeon, mussels and so on.
5 dried fruit is energy supplements

After conducting physical (hiking, playing tennis, etc.) and mental activities, you can chew some dried fruit or dried fruit, etc., can quickly add strength. So should always put some dried apricots, almonds or hazelnuts, etc. in the bag for a rainy day.
6 Milk is very important

The best meal to eat at least one kind of dairy products. Milk can provide rich in calcium, and calcium for strong bones is an important element. When insomnia, drink a glass of warm milk: it can promote the formation of tryptophan 5-hydroxytryptamine, this substance can help the brain mediate sleep.
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Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition road bike: cycling in the ultra-running

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Swiss bicycle manufacturer BMC boutique recently Lamborghini (Lamborghini)’s 50th birthday designed a commemorative edition road bike, this fusion of Lamborghini design elements of modern racing bike combines the most advanced production technology, and this limited edition mountain also uses the same car and sports car body made ​​of carbon fiber material, not only has a high quality, and the average weight of only about 8.5 kg, also has the advantage of ultra-light weight!

The Road Bike shape taken from the Aventador models, and all of the Lamborghini sports car, also equipped with leather seats, various carbon fiber parts, the world’s limited edition 50 volume, offer 25,000 euros (about 202,757 yuan), the price is very expensive , but are interested or can go to the official website of BMC look.
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This five kinds of natural beverages need to know, coconut milk, honey and water …… let your body relax

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Many people usually have the habit of drinking milk or water, if you are one of one, please continue to keep, maintain good health because they are a very important factor! If you still feel indifferent and tasteless water or milk, rather cola, tea and other sugary drinks, posters, web series compiled in addition to let you know the benefits of drinking water and milk, we will also tell you other tasty and delicious drinks, to see what drink it!

A water

Water is an important component of the body’s form, accounting for about 50 – 70% of body weight, the water content in the blood as much as 90%. If moisture supplement, lose weight 10% moisture, will lead to health problems, and lose 20% of the water, it will directly cause harm to life, we can see the importance of water to add. And many human diseases, small to colds, skin, constipation problems, ranging from chronic diseases, such as cancer, are associated with the ingestion of water.
Second, milk

Milk intake of calcium is the easiest way to obtain the absorption rate of calcium from milk reached 52.7%, raising teacher recommendations adult intake of 500 ml of warm milk every day, but it is best not to drink cold milk directly, avoiding gastrointestinal and respiratory tract cause irritation. In addition, the milk is rich in protein can also promote muscle growth. Insomnia when a cup of hot milk, make you relax, sleep better.
Third, coconut milk

Coconut milk is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride salts and trace sodium, sugar and protein, and does not contain any fat, is able to quench their thirst and nutritious beverages. Especially when finished or body movement dehydration cases, a drink containing coconut milk have many trace elements of great help. Another function is coconut milk hangover solution, which contains antioxidants (anti-oxidants) and electrolytes (electrolytes) can improve alcohol-induced hypoglycemia. There drinking habits readers may wish to put a few coconut spare at home now.
Fourth, honey water

When miss sweet honey to replace sugar. In addition to reducing the heat outside, but to improve the nutritional value of many. When coughing drink honey water, because honey has a role in protecting the throat. However, different milk, honey is best to use warm or cold brew, boiling water is easy to destroy one of the nutrients. People who have bad breath can drink honey lemonade to remove bad breath. In addition to water to drink, with fruit dipped in honey or sugar-free Yogurt and eat together, very tasty too!
Five, orange juice

Oranges are rich in vitamin C source, not only aging but also allows your skin to maintain luster and elasticity. Vitamin C is also the body’s synthesis of collagen raw material, so the right amount of vitamin C helps the bones, tendons, ligaments and blood components. The orange in lemon yellow pigment (Hesperidin) can reduce cholesterol containing research beneficial to cardiovascular health and cancer  raise international journals also pointed out that orange juice can be through anti-oxidation, anti-cell mutation, anti-genotoxic, protecting cells, affecting hormones, cell signaling and other biological mechanisms chemical anti-cancer effect. But only moderate drinking can be, or likely to cause hypertension, renal dysfunction, diabetes and other problems.
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Sotheby’s Spring Auction Beijing 2014 exhibition-cum-private sales Top10 auction

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Sotheby’s Spring Auction Beijing 2014 exhibition-cum-private sales ended yesterday, as Chinese collectors presents modern and contemporary art in the West diverse look. Finale held at “Contemporary Chinese Art” auction, 44 lots recorded a total turnover of 100 million 15 million yuan (total valuation of more than 8,500 ten thousand yuan *), number and amount of the turnover rate was 84.6% and 87.9% respectively. The highest bid auction for the prior forecast Zao most precious works of the 1950s – the night forest.
The Sotheby’s 2014 Spring Auction-cum-exhibition brings not only private sales by Zao Wou-ki, Liu Xiaodong, Zhou Chunya, Wang Yidong and other contemporary artists of “contemporary Chinese art auction”, also brings a wealth of content, price close to the people, to show foreign private sales exhibition of the twentieth century masters of modern art works on paper “,” paper products – master Arts Performances “from Picasso to Sanyu”, showing a diverse arts promotion and auction model, global collection of Lot attractive, while also providing international standard collections and arts education opportunities for domestic collectors. On the outside of the auction site, art lovers can also enjoy a private collection exhibition – “Remittance Collection – Chinese classical realist painting” exhibition, which Chen Yiming, Chen Yifei, cold and other artists, especially the military to bring people enjoy the beauty.
“‘Goods Paper – Master Arts Performances” From Picasso to Sanyu’ site, you can enjoy Picasso, Marc Chagall • Henry ‧ classic works of Matisse prints or paintings interesting paper, some works only with ink outlines, but very expressive; some works brightly colored, witty and vivid characters; while Picasso’s works still with a certain naive intentions. And original compared to the price of these paper and prints much more close to the people, is a good choice artist enthusiasts started.
The highest bid of the auction the auction for Zao creation in the 1950s, “Oracle period,” “Night of the forest”, estimated price of 16 million to 24 million yuan, has attracted six collectors bidding, after fierce contention by a scene buyer to 3,600 ten thousand yuan bid. In addition, the modern artist Chu Teh-Chun, Wang Yidong, as well as contemporary artist Liu Xiaodong, Zhao Bandi, Zhou Chunya and Mao Yan’s works are also doing well.
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Central European travelers to reproduce the 18th century English aristocrat educational journey

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Re-create the 18th century British aristocracy educational journey, including check-traveled five Dorchester Collection, and the trip was inspired by the original “Central European travelers”; their excavations of ancient European art, history and cultural treasures through travel. Through which includes accommodation in London, The Dorchester, Paris Le Meurice, Geneva, Le Richemond, Milan Hotel Principe di Savoia, and Rome Hotel Eden; Dorchester Collection Grand Tourist and Travel experts for the 21st century traveler even hand to create this awakening journey. Among stroke on the 12th, guests will take the boats, trains, cars, antique cars and helicopters, to ensure comfort throughout the journey without losing style.
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Ride by chauffeur-driven Bentley cars Arrived, “the ultimate trip around Europe,” launched by the three-night stay in London’s The Dorchester. Led the guests into the “ring Europe travelers ‘world tour includes visits to the British Museum, BMW and St James’ cigarettes gentleman’s club, and enjoy classic afternoon tea. Also can arrange to visit Chiswick House (Chiswick House); magnificent palaces and other buildings is the blueprint of this classical mansion Braun Dayton Earl III Central Europe in the 18th century journey seen.

Today, the Eurostar from London in just two and a half hour ride to Paris, and in the period of the 18th century will have to take two days. After arriving in Paris, guests will sit Vintage Citro n classic cars, go to Le Meurice, and stay for three nights, during which more will go to the main reason by Alain Ducasse Samsung Michelin restaurant;? While enjoying the Tuileries Gardens (Tuileries Gardens) views , sip wine and dine.
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Together with the completion of a beloved pet life events!

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Many couples are almost always busy in preparation for marriage related matters when busy looking for a suitable candidate bridesmaids decided banquet list of exercises take place, and so the wedding day is a moment not really busy, but when all things have arrangements in place in time, do not forget in your life in general Mao Xiaozi like family, if they seem to lack a little fly in the ointment feeling. Now it is the rise in foreign surge and their beloved pets together wedding boom, very romantic and warm, with a look!

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