Health Classroom: Ten Tips to effectively improve heart health

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High salt-fat diet, lack of exercise, stress pace of life, tremendous work pressure …, all for heart health lay hidden. The workplace at work “sudden death” have occurred when the news, which for heart health wake-up call. The following recommended 10 to protect the lives of small coup heart health, help you stay away from cardiovascular troubled.
Eat more whole grains foods like grains bread, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, etc., the lower the chance of suffering a stroke.
Eating a block of tofu
Intake of 25 to 50 grams of soy protein a day, bad blood cholesterol (LDL) may be reduced by 4-8%, eating a block of tofu a day, a cup of milk to help you easily manage cholesterol.
More fish
Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids can help lower blood triglyceride levels, can also prevent blood vessel blockage, eat two fish per week, to reduce the chance to get heart disease.
Enjoy food flavor
Best to eat fresh ingredients and simple treatment is very tasty meal to a hot vegetables, eat fresh instead of eating potato chips, or fried chicken instead of fried chicken. 3 times a week to eat from fried foods, reduced to eating only one time.
Control salt intake
For years, researchers have always thought that eating more salt increases cardiovascular disease, however, the last year a large-scale study has found that low salt intake will actually increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. However, a major drawback of the study is that participants were involved in normal blood pressure, body slimmer than the average American, the overall good health. Therefore, the results may not be suitable for mass. Last November a study confirmed that high-salt diet increases heart disease, stroke and risk of death.
Periodontitis leads to dental bacteria can cause vascular inflammation, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease. Regular brushing and flossing teeth, chewing sugarless gum, dental care in favor of protecting the heart.
Stairs 15 minutes a day and 30 minutes brisk walking calories consumed, like climbing stairs can not only strengthen the heart, the blood of good cholesterol (HDL) may increase 20 percent chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease may be reduced by 33%. Suffering from heart disease, hypertension, lung and kidney disease patients, health care workers should be asked: can load their own or whether such a graded exercise conducted??
Anger and depression will increase the chance of a heart attack, optimistic and positive to look forward to all things Thanksgiving, cherish, sent packing life unpleasant.
Lotus heart refers to the middle of green lotus seed germ, its taste is very bitter, but it has excellent antihypertensive effect fat. With lotus 12 grams, descendants of tea with boiling water, drink once a day, morning and evening, with significant cardiac effects, can expand peripheral vascular, lowering blood pressure.

Lotus addition to go Firelight, but also treatment mouth sores, help you to sleep. But its cool, usually cold, cold hands and feet easily, stool and other physical Deficiency best people to drink less.
Lowering cardiac Hawthorn tea
Hawthorn, sweet, slightly warm acid, spleen, stomach, liver. Ingredients contained there digestion stomach, qi stasis, dilatation of coronary diastolic blood vessels, lowering strong heart. Regular consumption of tea, hawthorn, for the treatment of hypertension has significant secondary effects. Its drinking method, several times a day with 1-2 pieces of fresh hawthorn fruit tea drinking. It is worth noting that, as long as do not fill hawthorn, anemia and weak stomach should not eat.
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Healthy Lifestyle strength wearable smart new exhibition

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Health, is undoubtedly the most basic goal of every person to pursue. World Health Organization on the factors that affect the health of been summarized as follows: Healthy Lifestyle = 60% + 15% + 10% genetic factors and social factors + 8% + 7% medical factors climatic factors. Thus, for the health of the individual pursuit, the most basic is the most viable way of life for their own management. Committed to changing the way people live – Tsinghua Tongfang grand launch Mybody component scales and Mystep smart bracelet, so that our lives become more healthy fun, stylish and convenient!

Private health consultant personal service life more stylish and convenient –Mybody “ingredient scale”, not only to provide traditional health scale body mass index at any time, is that it can provide a more intimate past can only go to the hospital to be able to test out of the index. “Ingredient scale” through that thin layer of conductive film, issued a weak current, can be collected in various parts of the body electrical impedance (bioelectrical impedance analysis). People stand up, takes less than 30 seconds, you can calculate the content as well as more than 20 kinds of health indicators of body fat, water, muscle, bone and other ingredients. Through Bluetooth, these data can be transferred to your phone for you to display a detailed medical report, APP on the phone can also make recommendations by analyzing the terms of exercise and diet your physical condition, just like a private health consultant.
Mobile Life Small butler = motion detection + sleep management – supporting the use of smart bracelet Mystep (good music move). The wristband with pedometer, measuring mileage, counting calories, monitoring sleep and other common sports bracelet function, and doing very light – only 12 grams, worn on the hand almost do not feel it. Flashing LED lights to show the degree of completion of the exercise program. With this bracelet, which is equivalent to their own lives with a little housekeeper, sports a long, how many calories consumed at a glance. Also for himself small fleshy distress, are still frustrated that they can not adhere to the diet MM who can finally get rid of these troubles, and have a “good music move” diet has become elegant style, to see every time his stick images can be displayed, weight loss motivation Leverage!
MyBody + MyStep = Healthy Living – Tsinghua Tongfang these two smart equipment is not two isolated products, but “two-pronged approach,” a smart combination weigher for physical testing equipment, according to the person’s health status rational design exercise program and diet plan bracelet automatically receives the exercise program and to remind the user presses the plan to participate in sports, show the extent of the completion of the plan. Phone APP can automatically adjust the exercise program based on the motion data bracelet feedback to achieve fitness goals. In the past, people for a healthy lifestyle specified target, basically rely on their own willpower to execute, so the change in lifestyle is not an easy thing. With Tsinghua Tongfang “component scales” series of wearable equipment, lifestyle can be more convenient, casual, stylish, comfortable and a variety of life indicators at a glance, their health can hold their own.

Smart times, almost every week there is a new intelligent product launches. Appear smart glasses, smart watches, bracelets and so smart smart products to our lives has brought great convenience. Component scales MyBody and MyStep launch, it is our way of life has undergone earth-shaking changes radically. In this more emphasis on the self, the pursuit of fashion healthy new era of intelligent, healthy lifestyle and elegance is reflected in a person’s taste. Health is no longer distant, fashion go hand in hand, a new era –MyBody elegant style and MyStep, make life easier!
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Beware the illusion of cervical spondylosis

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Beware of cervical spondylosis illusion:
Most patients are neck and neck pain occurs, sometimes hand numbness, pain, shoulder pain mostly stiff, particularly wrinkled, and some think it had cervical spondylosis, in fact, most patients are not. Cervical spondylosis is a common disease, because cervical activity was relatively large, relatively loose joints, increases with age, to be worn, wear old long spurs after a long spurs can not be called cervical spondylosis. Only when the bone spurs compress the spinal cord, nerve, vascular compression caused some of the symptoms of dizziness, numbness in the hand, there is such a phenomenon called cervical spondylosis, simply have bone spurs can not be equated with cervical spondylosis.
1. Hypertension: cervical disease can cause high blood pressure or lower, but the former is more common, said neck hypertension. This stimulation of the sympathetic nervous about the bone. Patients often accompanied by neck pain, tightness, upper extremity numbness and other typical performance.
2. breast pain: Department of the sixth and seventh cervical vertebra hyperplasia bone oppression caused by nerve root. Began to feel the side of the breast or pectoralis major muscle pain, intermittent or paroxysmal pain hidden sting, turning his head to the side of the most obvious, and sometimes the pain unbearable. This pain was misdiagnosed as angina or pleurisy.
3. paraplegia: Department of the spinal cord or vertebral bowel disorders due to irritation of the side beams. Patients with upper extremity numbness, pain, weakness, lameness, neck symptoms most minor easily concealed. Some accompanied by urinary frequency, urgency, voiding without a net or incontinence.
4. visual impairment: cervical disease can be manifested as decreased vision, blurred vision intermittently, one or both eyes pain, photophobia, lacrimation, reduced vision and the like. This visual impairment and cervical disease caused by autonomic dysfunction.
5. suddenly fall: a common cause of system proliferation of bone compression of the vertebral artery, easily misdiagnosed as cerebral arteriosclerosis or cerebellar disorders. Often suddenly turned when the body loses support in walking and cataplexy, due to changes in the neck position and sober and stood up after the fall.

6. Dysphagia: Some elderly people start to feel throat itching, foreign body sensation, then feel dysphagia, intermittent seizures, when light weight. Patients with esophageal cancer was suspected, but endoscopy is normal. After CT scan showed cervical spondylosis.
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Lidong health diet four points less warm and more cold

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Lidong throttle was the first after the throttle into the winter, is hidden yang, chi boom, vegetation withered, Zhechong Terma season. Cold weather affect the body’s endocrine system, the body’s secretion of thyroid hormone, adrenaline, boosting the protein, fat, carbohydrates break down into three categories source of nutrients, increasing the body’s ability to keep warm, but also cause excessive body heat loss. So, after the beginning of winter to the appropriate tonic to warm very good. So the beginning of winter solar terms how health? Here Xiaobian to introduce the beginning of winter solar terms diet regimen methods.
When the cold weather, increase the amount of protein, fat and vitamins and minerals inhalation, for very good against hypothermia. For example, eat some rice, sorghum, chestnuts, dates, walnuts, longan, leeks, pumpkin, ginger, beef, lamb and other foods warm nature.
Increase the vitamin A, C uptake
Increase the vitamin A, C intake, can enhance the ability to adapt to the cold. Vitamin A is mainly from animal liver, carrots, dark green vegetables, vitamin C is mainly from fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, winter eat chili, can promote blood circulation, but also increase appetite.
Lidong should eat food recommendations:
1. Curry
As the weather turns cold, many people want to eat a cold hot food to increase the upgrade arrived early in vivo against cold temperatures, but also worried that eating spicy this season particularly easy to get angry, so I tell you, the most suitable non-small curry perfectly. Curry can not only make food becomes a delicious, which contains curcumin also has to protect the heart, prevent the action of heart failure; can help reduce the postprandial insulin response, but also to promote energy metabolism, people consume more calories, promote fat oxidation, thus contributing to the prevention of obesity;, spice curry spicy ingredients contained, but also stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, improve digestion and absorption capacity, promote the blood circulation, sweating fever effect, it is a woman to lose weight magic.
2, Lily
Skin begins to dry up. Tonic drink plenty of water, such as bird’s nest, and other valuable ingredients are tested, but we definitely need a good cheap ingredients Run a healthy woman. This magic is none other than the non-lily.
Lily is not the focus can be described as the Yin and Shang Hao not dry ingredients, and has a tonic effect of ginseng par. You can help white-collar family of neurasthenia, memory loss, lack of gas, Deficiency Hyperactivity have a very good effect. Of course, we should not ignore the lily soothing effect, in recent years, to add the lily is a natural plant formula skincare products is increasing. Do some lily soup often taking, although there will be no immediate effect, but long-term consumption of human skin is not dry, wrinkles diminished indeed is an indisputable fact.
Sydney can do something about lily white fungus soup is a good choice. Ingredients are: Lily, Sydney, white fungus, red dates, wolfberry fruit. As meals and after dinner dessert is very recommended.
3, Tea
Around the world are talking about promoting health effects of tea, also known as one of the seven health drinks. Now that winter is the most suitable to drink tea for black tea, oolong tea, and Puer (black tea). These types of tea and warm, can play a warm stomach, warm house, increase metabolism and other effects, of course, will help us break down some of the winter due to excessive intake of fat tonic and played efficacy scraping oil.
In addition, the tea can help blood sugar more stable, can also help reduce blood fat, meat increased in winter, but with these teas, is a diet with more scientific. For patients with high cholesterol and obesity, in the winter, often drink the tea, is very helpful.
Currently, scientists around the world are studying tea for improving memory, bone structure, lower body weight, crude remember Cardiovascular health and reduce the effectiveness of cancer incidence.

It appears that China’s traditional tea really can not underestimate ah.
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New coordinates yacht luxury living

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Yachts, represents a quiet, back to nature, casual lifestyle. In the 1880s, the rapid development of industry and commerce has brought great wealth to the United States, but also created a Carnegie, Morgan, Rockefeller, etc. They started wearing luxurious mink coat, wearing glittering jewelry, even the walls, floors, ceilings, gilded tables also demonstrate their strength in wanton luxury.
By the 1980s, the myth of the world would get rich quick Xinjing swaying. For if the people of this age to show off while the consumption of luxury goods, will inevitably be ridiculed as “stupid rich soil.” Training elegant taste, accurately identify the pros and cons and other luxury complex requirements such as these tend to become a luxury of the rich life of hard learning process – learning how to live a decent life seemingly casual elegance.

German “Der Spiegel” magazine article, said: “Under the influence of consumer madness growth, tight, rare, expensive and is no longer favored the advanced automotive, watches, perfumes and other street stuff everywhere, but quiet the basic conditions for this time of life, pure water, and plenty of space. “capable of driving yacht, you naturally have to have enough free time, as a good mood and close to the natural environment on the yacht you can feel it. The vast space of it, the whole sea is yours, enough? Yachts, represents not only a quiet, is a return to a more natural way of life.

Yacht entered the ocean of people, most likely will use the raving type of tone, repeating “the sea is really blue.” Such a simple word, you can hear the yacht to bring people comfortable and satisfied.
Themselves at the helm, so the yacht in the blue sky and the wind and the waves or floating freely, fresh and moist sea breeze like a liquid immersion of the body, you can enjoy unfettered freedom, full of serenity and complete sunrise and sunset. Drinking coffee, sipped wine, bring two of the world love too sweet; or bring the family to spend a cozy holiday time; or invite friends to small gatherings do business; of course, you can also sitting in the stern, side to mind edge fishing, lying on the deck watching the long absence, the starry, interest actions simply take a dip into the sea ……


Innovation projects as Ferretti Yachts Ferretti Yachts Zuccon International Design Engineering department and co-designed room, FERRETTI YACHTS 460 in the ‘compression’ of size will achieve the best balance of comfort and perfect the best performance (14.35 m) within. FERRETTI YACHTS 460 also became the Ferretti Yachts Ferretti Yachts flagship product.


When you are sailing out to sea voyage, FERRETTI YACHTS 460 to provide you with numerous enjoy: “U” shaped stylish and comfortable sofas surround a cozy conversation corner; the central stretch of the day roundtable, at night you can turn into a living room; cabin renovation will increase to maximize space utilization; light oak furniture enhance the entire yacht interior style and form an attractive contrast with other materials.
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Boost the immune system healthy this winter is not far away

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From Lunar speaking, the beginning of winter means the end of autumn, this time the invasion of cold air constantly, declared officially entered the winter. Weather suddenly changes, from time to time there will be cold invasion, we will always shudder. Beautiful will be compromised, diseases will come its way. “Immunity” is the keyword winter healthy, you know that influenza and other pathogenic bacteria that may lurk in every door handles, toilets, or you take the subway to work Rotary rod. Wind howling outside the window, so we closed the doors and windows, bacteria will breed in the room. Then if your immune system is no “operational capability”, then you will most likely catch germs “latest trend”. How do you protect yourself?
With this question in an interview with the national secondary teacher nutritionist Yang Jiao Yang teacher told us, in fact, the ability to resist high and low, with our daily sleep, mood, diet, exercise and lifestyle has a close relationship.
Proper diet boost the immune system
From diet, the current study found that the most important immune function relationships of several nutrients are protein, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E as well as iron, zinc, which are within the nutrients our body’s immune organs and body fluids among cells of the immune function of immune globulin, other phagocytic cells is associated. Intake of these nutrients can promote our immunity improvement. We suggest that you should pay attention to the usual diet of them the right amount of high quality protein intake, to meet the daily needs of the body, to avoid the immune system caused by inadequate protein intake due to the decline. Especially for people with weak constitution, such as the elderly, children, and after surgery, to choose more easily absorbed by the body of high-quality protein foods. Such as fish rich in quality protein, soy, eggs, milk and so on. Unsaturated fatty acid content in soy products is higher, while the phytochemicals contained in soy products, such as plant sterols, soy lecithin, and soy isoflavones, and so these antioxidant substances.

Weekdays more exercise
Cold winter, people tend to lack of exercise, resulting in decreased disease resistance, so it is vulnerable to cold, which is most common in the elderly, children and the infirm populations. Therefore, to exercise, enhance physical fitness, and do more outdoor activities. Walking, swimming, biking, jogging, tai chi, etc. can enhance the body resistance, but do not forget to rehydrate after exercise, drink water. To develop a cold water wash habits, help to improve the body’s ability to adapt to temperature changes.
Habit when the “feel” Lord
In the winter, to ensure adequate sleep is the most important thing, because whether you’re using any other way to anti-cold, but if the body is always in a state of fatigue, otherwise there is no way to play its full effect, of course, will not be comprehensive protection our health. When women have slept only five hours a day in a week, the number of anti-influenza antibodies produced by her body, get enough sleep than seven and a half to eight and a half hours a day, people would be less than half.
Keep the air fresh
People often pay attention to indoor activities, indoor sunlight, air circulation, maintaining the proper temperature, indoor and outdoor temperature should not be too large. To regular window ventilation to keep the air fresh.
Avoid sources of infection
Less to public places activities and reduce the chances of infection. During an influenza pandemic, try to avoid going to crowded public places. Do not share utensils, towels and other daily necessities. No self-protection capabilities for children, adults to be extra careful, usually let the child drink plenty of water, when the cold weather outside, give the child wear a hat and mask.
Attention to health
Hand and hand contact is an important way to cold infection. 1 hour flu virus can survive on the handkerchief, survival in the hands of two hours. Therefore, we should always wash their hands with soap before washing hands not hand Mobi Zi and eyes.
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11 strokes teach you to make sex more perfect

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1. Accept a variety of angles sex advice
American sex therapist Dr. Ian Kerner says sex should keep an open mind, to lay down moral judgment, listen to their inner desires and respect mate preferences, so you will find the two men will find more interesting sex world.
2. There are a variety of innovative ideas sex
And family therapist, said Dr. Pepper Schwartz, creative and explore new ways to add fun to sex, sex is crucial to becoming a good companion. For example, the sofa cushions, bras can be thought of sex to add more fun.
3. often think of sexual needs
Dr. Ian Kerner said that sex has a big psychological component, so to allow myself often think about sex, do not be restrained. Association between brain sexuality with, so often think of would be helpful for improving sexual life, but remember this is limited to between husband and wife or partner.
4. Learn to sacrifice something for the love
Pay more attention to meet the partner’s sexual needs, will make their own sexual performance better, will make their relationship more harmonious. Dr. Kerner said that such a lover like morning sex or want to change the position, then “selfless generosity” to meet each other, he (she) will be reciprocated, make sex fun.
5. cherish the spirit of curiosity and exploration
Dr. Schwartz said, “If you persist in your own familiar way to have sex, to unfamiliar determined not, then the performance will be very difficult to perfect sex life.” So, for a sexual partner proposed to try new position, new of appliances, new skills requirements, you should have the “it will be very stimulating” attitude to try.
6. learn to enjoy and proper masturbation
Masturbation can help people better understand their own bodies, to better enjoy sex, it makes you become a good partner. But after marriage, people often ignore the role of masturbation improve sexual life. In fact, let love watching you masturbate, is also a good foreplay.
7. Forget about the problems of self-existence
To better sex, do not worry that he is not good enough stature performance enough to stick. Sexologist says confidently great benefit to improve sex life, make sex more satisfying.
8. appropriate for some wild lover
During sex, a woman must know when to cry out, show some more wild. Schwartz said that most men want sex partner to do one thing when the sex is more vocal. Sound can promote each other’s hormones increase.
9. Active tease lover’s enthusiasm
Some men had carried out investigations abroad on companion’ve done most controversial sex, the answer to one aspect of focus: women-led sex, surprise or tease the initiative to improve each other’s enthusiasm.

10. often go out workout
The study found that healthy and active, is the best aphrodisiac. You can promote health through exercise, so you can be more focused, enhance libido, improve endurance, and enhance self-confidence.
11. often do some funny things
To a great performance in sex, one should maintain an optimistic attitude, find fun from every detail, keeping the humor, which can reach sexual climax, promote mutual transfer between the sexes.
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The Principal successful promotion Michelin two-star award

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Located Star Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong’s restaurant The Principal since 2013 first Michelin star honors, this year another success in the “Michelin, Hong Kong and Macau,” Guide 2015 edition was awarded two stars-winning success of the promotion. Is committed to providing top-level and different dining experience, The Principal launched in May this year, “The Expedition” taste Menus, elaborate chef Jonay Armas travel past years through drip and into the kitchen every exquisite cuisine experience. Jonay draw inspiration from the multi-national cuisine, and retain the essence of traditional cooking while injecting amazing creative ingenuity, filling its extraordinary cuisine.
“Hong Kong’s catering industry competitive environment, it is possible to obtain a Michelin two-star honors really deeply honored to get this success team of chefs and restaurants it is a credit to front-line staff, and we work closely together efforts, the success of another restaurant to the next level.”
The Principal is also new to the list this year, two-star Michelin restaurant in the series winners for eleven non-Chinese cuisine restaurant.


The Principal for the Press Room’s Restaurant Group, one of the group. The Principal before the announcement of two Michelin stars for two days, the group another landmark restaurant located in Wan Chai, The Pawn re-opened by the British celebrity chef Tom Aikens to create stylish British dining experience, it is a double celebration.
“The Principal won two Michelin stars for the Press Room Group Another exciting news within this week. Together with The Pawn re-opened, and the Group’s other brands Classified popular restaurant in Repulse new concept will open new stores in November, Press dining Room Group will continue to show the strength of the industry in Hong Kong. we will endeavor to introduce new dining concepts, re-examine the existing restaurant portfolio and offers a restaurant with a difference and enjoy the experience. ”
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Beyond pizza fresh baked the world’s most expensive caviar

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Caviar, black cod, lobster, etc. These are all valuable ingredients, but by the precious ingredients out of the pizza will pave the way how precious it? Richmond, British Columbia, Canada on to create the world’s most expensive pizza, the pizza cooked by Steveston Pizza, will be transformed into such a distinguished civilian food byword.

This material has a lobster pizza, Alaska black cod, smoked salmon, tiger prawns and Russian Osetra caviar, “This is not the kind you usually eat pizza!” Pizzeria owner Nader Hatami said. This sentence is actually true, this pizza is priced at $ 450, is the world’s most expensive pizza. Compared to the previous Guinness record of $ –178 white truffle pizza pizza is also twice as expensive.


“I just kept going to try to create my satisfaction pizza ingredients.” Hatami said, is his love for seafood give this pizza great value.
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