Chinese medicine tells you how regimen December

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Chinese medicine tells you how regimen December
December is the end of the year, including the winter snow and two solar terms. Chinese medicine believes that December has come to a “tonic” for a great season, by raising the spirit, tone diet, physical training, proper temperature is cold, carefully nursed back to health, comprehensive sexual intercourse, to achieve physical fitness.
Snow relatively snow, it is a more cold than snow solar terms. At this point of the Yellow River region are beginning to have snow, miles Piao vivacious, charming snow scene, if the snow day snow solar terms, it is the “misfortune” of good omen. The winter solstice is a very important solar terms, this day the shortest day, longest night. Folk “Winter Festival”, “to the festival,” “Asian Festival”, “Long Day” call. Winter solstice is the shortest day of the year during the day, after the winter solstice, the day it will be everlasting day. Chinese medicine believes that the arrival of the winter solstice is the boom-bust yin, yang began to pick up the throttle, “Winter Solstice” After the temperature dropped significantly, cold.
Tonic is luxurious, to “the person, because, because of land tonic” to really achieve the purpose of health. Specifically, is to raise the spirit through, adjusting diet, physical training, proper temperature is cold, carefully nursed back to health, comprehensive sexual intercourse, to achieve physical fitness.
The first is the support should be moderate, dynamic and static, that is not too much to adjust, not less in the process of health. If the proper physical exercise, exercise to be ready before the activity, anti-accidental injury. Mentally to be positive, optimistic, according to their physical condition to choose methods or use drugs make tonic approach to health.
Such as physical weakness, poor digestion of people, to choose a slow fill, eat properly Angelica mutton soup, mushrooms stewed dog meat, but also to eat more vegetables, avoid over-fill, fill urgent. Good people for physical tonic to level up, do not eat too much greasy food to prevent too much energy to produce induced diseases. Available chicken mushroom stew, such as ginkgo stew Wuji. Usually have to eat on a diet of protein, vitamins, fiber content of foods, eat less fat and sugar content of food, for the mental, at the same time to select drugs make tonic, as Liuweidihuangwan, kidney and brain can be anti-fatigue.
Should eat
Eat lamb, dog, beef, celery, turnip, potato, cabbage, spinach, apples, longans.
Cold, seafood such as: fish, shrimp, crabs and other Big Chill of the goods and cold drinks.
Recommended Diet: Angelica ginger mutton soup
Angelica 12 grams, ginger 30 grams, 250 grams of meat.
Wash the lamb cuts, with Angelica, ginger into the casserole with a total amount of water soup, add spices overripe, Decoction and meat, eating 1-2 times a week.
Angelica nourishing blood, ginger warm in the cold, lamb nourishing kidney, blood and kidney together as beauty.
TCM, means enjoying life through a variety of methods to enhance physical fitness, disease prevention, so as to achieve longevity of a medical activity. TCM focuses on holistic and systematic, aimed at preventing disease, treating disease. Representative works of famous Chinese medicine theory is the “Yellow Emperor.” TCM from the essence of ancient medicine, Chinese medicine contemporary level has dropped, but the descendants of the ancient Chinese medicine worth continuing research and development.
The so-called “life” is life, survival, growth, meaning; so-called support, namely maintenance, nursed back to health, nourishing meaning. In short, health care is the meaning of life. In traditional Chinese medicine theory, follow the changes of yin and yang collection of biochemistry of the human body for scientific tone, maintain health and vitality of life.
Such as the “via” Cloud: “tranquil nothingness, infuriating keep from it, within the spirit, patient safety has never”, it focuses on raising heart health, maintain fine, gas, God.

Conclusion: read the small writing regimen of December, I believe that as long as a small series of carefully reading the article you will benefit, after reading, is not it already move up in this cold winter, definitely not choose TCM method? Yo will be wrong, TCM simple, easy to operate, and most people can accept, and almost no side effects Yo.
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Seven kinds of errors warm winter dressing

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Winter is very cold, so we do not come out no matter always wear out so much, so to keep warm, but not wearing the more is the better Oh, and although some people wear more, but some details of the method has not good protection. Today small describes how to keep warm in winter, warm in winter and what errors are seven kinds of dressing.
Seven kinds of errors warm winter dressing
Season here now, each of us see themselves wrapped up, I feel so warm up before they can make their own, but some people even wear then how much will feel cold, it may not be because you are physically weak, but your friends are wearing the wrong clothes.
1, you have not seen the waist down jacket
As the saying goes: cold from the foot of Health. Warm winter start from the lower body. While warm down jacket, but only if the length of the waist, lower body get warm, causing the temperature difference between the lower body, causing poor blood circulation. Which led to more and more cold. In particular, the jacket hem is open, easy to make the waist cold, even leak into the cold air, so that the upper body too cold. If you wear a half-length jacket is recommended, preferably over the length of the waist, while increasing the thickness of the lower body clothing.
2 layers bind tightly
Warm clothes not only related to the thickness, but also on the gas content and permeability. Each garment has a good isolation between the role of the cold air, if the clothes layers bind tightly, it will make the air interlayer between fewer clothes, insulation effect actually obvious, people feel colder.
3, stockings too short
Warm winter we must do the work of the ankle, and if your seat is too short to allow the ankle exposed, it is easy to catch a cold, it is recommended that you wear a long-barreled socks, but not too thick socks, socks also not too tight.
4, wear high-necked clothes indoors
Autumn and winter, many people love to wear high-necked clothes, protect the head from the cold, but also should be divided occasions. So wear in the cold outdoors, you can prevent neck chills, but into a warm room, it should let the neck relax breathable, so sweat can evaporate quickly neck, otherwise evaporate sweat away body heat, people feel colder. Compared to high-necked garment can be worn off the jacket can obviously be better, more suitable for high-necked clothes in cold outdoor wear.
5, tight underwear
Body sculpting underwear or tight underwear easily bound body, a long time will affect the lymph and blood flow, people colder. Recommend the best tight thin and soft, in particular, should be careful not to constrict groin and waist.
6, do not immediately change clothes after sweating
Winter in the higher temperature indoors or movement may be sweating. If your clothes are sweaty, must be replaced, otherwise it is cold winds, easy to catch a cold.

7, tights + boots
Although it looks outside the ride tights boots are very fashionable, but you know not conducive breathable boots, shoes inside the water does not evaporate easily, and wearing a long time will be relaxed this time cold air into the case, will make the legs and feet cold. And, you know tights from chemical fibers are generally not conducive to sweat, but also lead to foot odor.
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Fashion catamaran deck let you experience the fun

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Do a party on the deck, in a foreign country is very common, especially yacht gathering area, enjoy music while enjoying the sea breeze blow waterfront views. But if a 30 m-long deck, I believe that feeling must be different. From 2004 to the beginning of the planning and design and manufacture of this Quintessential catamaran, finally starting in Auckland, began its voyage career.
In recent years, the catamaran has been widely used in the field of civil or military, which has two parallel hulls, hull surface and then linked into a whole boat with a strong frame, the appearance of new simplicity. Quintessential ship is the case, but it looks more atmosphere, you can either use it as a stylish cruiser, you can ship it to transform into a classic.
Hull equipped with exceptionally strong engine power and simplified design operation, only a few will be able to easily complete crew driving, navigation systems can also be simple to complete synchronization. Although it’s head is not small, the operation is still very sensitive. Quintessential interior design is also very coordinated, wooden floors and furniture, tables and chairs, with a blue and white color of the hull, a great fit. Excellent visual sense, the ship also has a small spa pool, whether dining or seating area, are very comfortable and luxurious, definitely more than enough to accommodate family and friends.

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Winter to eat seafood? These wines would be better equipped

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After a brief fall, winter has been very hot in the cold with aggressiveness forced to. In this tonic good season, if we can properly choose both delicious and nutritious food, is undoubtedly a good thing. The variety of seafood is a very appropriate choice, oysters, lobsters, crabs and sea cucumbers are all winter tonic to share.
Delicious oysters, the most suitable raw, sprinkled with a little lemon juice or hot pepper sauce, you can enjoy its sweet flavor and tender texture. Fresh oysters, you can try refreshing flavor with some white wine, such as Burgundy, Chablis (Chablis), New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (Sauvignon Blanc) and so on. High acidity wines and oysters can balance each other mineral taste, while its flavor all aroused. And the wine aroma and delicate plants, also remove the smell, fresh mouth action. It is worth mentioning that the Chablis vineyards local limestone-rich soil in a lot of buried fossil oysters, this terroir makes Chablis and oysters on the flavor with sublime resonance. In addition, if it is char-grilled oysters, you can try Sauvignon Blanc wines from the Loire Valley, these wines with special flint flavor, char-grilled flavor and very coordinated.

Pay attention to authentic cooking lobster, steamed usually take practice, and then dipped in a light sauce can be. Lobster with white wine also known, especially strong type of white wine, such as the United States, Chardonnay (Chardonnay). Full bodied and persistent acidity taste very in tune with lobster, green apple and a touch of cream fragrant wine with dishes that can add flavor. If you use cream or vanilla sauce cooked lobster, you can open a bottle of Rhone Valley Viognier (Viognier), rounded texture, this wine can perfectly cater to the taste of cream and other creamy sauces.

Crabs most popular in the fall, into the winter, people cynomolgus heat remains unabated. Exquisite crab season, when female crabs eat, when to eat is also very particular about the male crab. Winter has come to eat when the male crab, male crab meat is more compact, need to match the intensity and level of richer white wine, such as the Chinese rice wine flavor similar to Sherry (Sherry). Sherry styles, tastes into dry and sweet, you can choose according to taste dipping sauce.


High nutritional value of sea cucumber is the darling of the winter table. Sea cucumber taste foam, with elastic, its own taste is not heavy, but soaked in thick soup, they bring a little sweetness. Recommended with Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir) and other taste mellow, fruity red wines mature. Cucumbers and Pinot Noir can be said that born of a wine circulated leather, cinnamon and black truffle flavor with a hint of flavor and plump sea cucumber taste intertwined in the mouth, very elegant coordination.
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