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Cold and dry winter skin can not replenish collagen, will gradually lose their elasticity and aging, relaxation, water and drying phenomenon! Adequate intake of foods rich in collagen, not only moisturize the skin, as well as the role of aging and restore youthful vitality. Sibu Lipstick safe and affordable, and quickly look at the beauty network share nine kinds of collagen-rich food with you!
Collagen has a good support in the skin, make the skin look very rich. In addition, its ability to absorb moisture environment surrounding strong; when coated on the skin, and can prevent water evaporation from the surface, moisturizing effect is very significant. Therefore, in our daily diet, eat some food with high gum, to enhance skin elasticity, maintain luster, delay skin aging have some help.

Recommended NO.1 trotters
Recommended reason:
● aging beauty
As beauty products saint, trotters are rich in collagen protein, but low fat content than fat. It shriveled skin wrinkle prevention, enhance skin elasticity and toughness of aging and promote the growth and development of children has special significance.
● improve circulation
TCM believes trotters natured, sweet and salty, nutrition comparable paws; trotters collagen also promote hair, nail growth, keep the skin soft, delicate, improve the body’s microcirculation.
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Adding more whole grains! Debunk common pseudo-healthy foods

Healthy living starts here news site
1, high-fiber whole grains crackers
Camouflage: The most efficient small grains, so you eat more dietary fiber
Truth: high fat content, calories less than the Pork
The more high-fiber biscuits taste better the more doubtful. Because dietary fiber content and rough texture should be proportional to this, we are used to eating rice flour when people eat the content of 3% of high-fiber foods already feel very tied throat, while these high-fiber biscuit labeled fibers some content can reach more than 10% actually have taste and comfort, it is certainly a credit to all the grease.
(Less Juan contribution) high coarse grain crackers calories! Debunk six kinds of pseudo-healthy foods
As long as you carefully read the nutrition label you will find the fat content of such cookies are usually more than 25%, which means that eating 100 grams, about 6,7 biscuits, ate the equivalent of 25 grams of fat. Because these fibers become soft after absorbing, and the more saturated fat or trans fat softening effect more obvious, more crisp cookies made out, taste the stick. Carries a dietary fiber supplement you wish, eat a lot of fat is even trans fat, which is obviously worthwhile thing.
2, finished soup
Camouflage: concentrated essence of soup, drink the broth quickly
Truth: Up is a condiment
I will not speak of fresh raw materials, whether stewed, one that in order to ensure that it is fairly fresh in front of you, you need a variety of additives, preservatives, even if not marked, but some of the ingredients in food additives are also play this role just hit it too close. And the kind of soup to deduct block, in order to become whole pot of soup can when gusto, certainly not less salt and MSG. In addition, from a small piece into a big pot, but also to maintain smooth soup taste and stiffness, oil and maltodextrin and other ingredients essential.

In addition, we often will see in the list of ingredients in pig bone meal, chicken, beef powder, the powder composition is more complex, even in the first place is concentrated soup, we also inevitably drink too much strange things, let alone even a little shadow concentrated soup could not see the direct blending out with various chemical ingredients. So when emergency seasoning occasionally used a big issue, nutrition drink soup or stew own sense of it.
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This article comes from: Healthy living starts here News site tip

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