The former Manchester United coach Tibet nearly a million bottles of wine, the most expensive one

Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong, May 24 Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson before the sports news part bodegas on the 24th place in Hong Kong auction house Christie’s auction, one of the most expensive bottle of wine sold for 1.225 million Hong Kong dollars (about 985,000 yuan) of high prices.

Christie’s wine auction Els Wood said the person in charge, wine lovers and fans to participate in making the auction to achieve “harvest” that day. Buyers from China’s greatest contribution, Burgundy wine region’s most precious first signed memorabilia plus Ferguson let their passion expansion.


The same day, some wine, “Ferguson” collection is divided into 257 auction where 89% of the transaction, the total auction amount (including buying by the commission included) close to 30 million Hong Kong dollars (about 3.8 million U.S. dollars). Among them, 6-liter bottle of 1997 Romanee Conti from French wine winery completed the highest price a beat, beat well with a “Alex,” “best wishes on handwritten, Alex Ferguson “card.

June 5, Ferguson will be part of bodegas in London auction house Christie’s auction, June 9 – June 23, as well as the online auction.

Nutritious breakfast is essential worthy of your intention to treat

Poor breakfast, not worth your own

Plus a bowl of noodle fritters, two pie with a cup of coffee, a packet of biscuits mixed bag of breakfast milk …… these are regulars many commuters morning breakfast on the table. But are they really qualified? Only pie for example, the majority of the market pie trans fatty acids are present the problem of high day three on easily over 2% of the international standard line. A bad breakfast may make you drowsy sitting at his desk, affect the efficiency of the morning to go to work.

Compliance how to eat for breakfast?

? Then what is the standard breakfast it dietitian gives two criteria:

From the nutrients that a healthy breakfast should contain starch, protein and vitamins, that is, you want to eat the staple food, custard and fruits and vegetables, if the pursuit of higher quality, coupled with a spoonful of nuts on;

From cooking methods, the breakfast should avoid fried, grilled, marinated, smoked, that even if you eat the whole of the above categories of food, but if it is fried pasta or pickled vegetables, still failed.
High-calorie low-nutrition food supplement

A little worse: Chocolate

Become a body: Nuts

Chocolate is a typical high-calorie, high-GI foods, rather than let their early morning surge in blood sugar, it is better replaced with the same high calorie nuts provide not only a sense of fullness, but also get potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, etc. minerals, and Vitamin E. The key upgrade where breakfast is nuts, walnuts, cashews, Batan wood is the ideal choice.
Insufficient protein drinks

A little worse: black coffee, carbonated drinks

Become a body: pure milk, soy milk

Breakfast should have plenty of protein, black coffee, carbonated drinks obviously can not assume this responsibility, you can leave them in the afternoon to drink, the breakfast drink pure milk and milk replaced. You may think it sounds more suitable milk for breakfast, but it increases the grain fragments and primarily serve the taste of sugar, so it is replaced with pure milk is better.
Over-processed fruits and vegetables

A little worse: pickles, fruit juice concentrate

Become a body: tomatoes, oranges, strawberries

If fruits and vegetables for breakfast zero, lunch and dinner can imagine how much of the fruits and vegetables intake pressure. Breakfast intake of fresh fruits and vegetables really good for you, note that we say “fresh”, it is not over processed. An orange, a small tomatoes are good, but remember not to eat one up, first staple “bottoming.”

The recommended amount: a total of 150g of vegetables and fruit
Overnight packaged meals

A little worse: dinner packaged meals

Become a body: Timing boil porridge grains

Although there is no conclusive evidence that the overnight meals will be harmful to health, but it is still not a healthy breakfast. Summer, food insurance increasingly difficult, with a pot of homemade porridge grains instead of rice overnight it. You can use the rice cooker timer function, bedtime rice, barley, sorghum, rice, red beans, peanuts mixed wok, you can wake up subtly perfume.

Exposure to escape the mundane world’s top luxury hotels enjoy the beautiful scenery

Magnificent “Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara” resort in the legendary Liwa Desert (Liwa Desert) enjoyed “airspace (Empty Quarter)” the name of the Rub al Khali desert (Rub ‘al Khali). Recently, the resort in the original more than 124 luxury rooms and suites and 42 rooms of the villa, but also introduced a new style by 10 Royal Pavilion villas “exclusive royal villas enjoy class”; these seats in solitude land villas are named “Royal Pavilion Villas by Qasr Al Sarab” (“Qasr Al Sarab Royal Pavilion House”).
Rub al Khali desert is the world’s largest piece of virgin unaffected by human activities affect the desert, time and domineering in the Rub al Khali desert rough, sometimes tender against the background of beautiful scenery and fresh, “Qasr Al Sarab-style Royal Pavilion Villa “are concentrated” big fan of understated elegance if Jane “and” Arabian pure refined luxury “more has been highlighted. Main colors with earthy colors make the shape of the hotel building castle perfect blend between the rolling sand dunes, and the hotel can be seen everywhere, local handmade furnishings also makes the overall interior decor more warmth.

The new villa sits away from “Anantara” management “Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara ‘resort where only one kilometer. By a group of inherited traditional local craft artisans who carefully crafted, “Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara,” enjoy the ultimate luxury resort hotel is comfortable, enjoy the outdoor beauty of the desert in Taoyuan. Hope to escape from the mundane and the pursuit of true earthly custom holiday guests will be able to get unforgettable memories in this unique Arabian resort.

Jia Da (Giada) Shanghai Shengda Qi screen Westgate store

September 6, 2014, Jia Da (Giada) located in the first floor of the Westgate boutiques Shanghai Shengda Qi screen, store style of minimalism by the father of Mr. Claudio Silvestrin penned Jia Da (Giada) flagship store in Milan the same strain, atmospheric design, simple implication, natural elements, staged encounter a perfect fashion and architecture.

Jia Da (Giada) store is not only a quiet and elegant fashion space, it is a low-key luxury of art. Marble imported from Italy with a heavy sense of history, a tribute to the glorious Renaissance, and Jia Da (Giada) clothing top natural fabrics complement each other; retro timeless, sparkling windows by Italian visual marketing guru Bruno Bambara focused design, with extreme elegance gesture to show the Jia Da (Giada) 2014 autumn and winter series of women; special display of pure copper rod, patchwork display of the island and surrounded by full leather dressing room, on the whole, and the details show the luxury and sophistication, as the Shanghai Lady build a simple high-level, low-key luxury shopping space.

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Sub-health alert mental health concerns

Psychological problems: are those that recently occurred in relatively limited content, not very strong reaction of mental activity, and did not affect the thinking logic of temporary mental disorder. Everyday life may be because something unpleasant psychological cause, have a short term anxiety, worry, manifested as depression or irritable. But for study, work and family has not had a significant impact, not constitute a clinically recognizable syndrome.

Mental disorders: is the initial reaction is very strong, and the relatively long duration, and its difficult to overcome the mental burden. Due to the long grind of spirit, sometimes accompanied by personality defects, such people may appear obvious clinical symptoms, such as panic, anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, somatoform disorders. Patients often feel pain in urgent need for help.

Mental illness: a brain dysfunction, leading to cognitive, emotional, mental activity and behavior will be different degrees of disorder. These patients commonly hallucinations, delusions, and often do not understand their own sick and refused medical treatment.

Classification of Mental Health
Classification of psychological problems to mental illness from health status generally be divided into four grades: Health status – bad state – psychological disorders – mental illness.

Second, the psychological sub-health posts
What is a “sub”
“Sub” refers to the state of the body between the edge between health and disease, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome or “third state.” Physicians around the world on the “sub” done a lot of research, but they still did not find specific risk factors, existing medicine “sub” in the etiology and pathogenesis still “get lost” and therefore lack a truly effective treatment methods and means.
Recall that you are not always happen: sometimes palpitation, shortness of breath, feeling weak, but the ECG was normal, from time to time, headache, dizziness, flu, but blood pressure and EEG is also no problem. If the answer is yes. Then you probably already in a “sub-healthy” state, it is often said “gray state” and “semi-healthy people.”
2 sub-health reasons (psychological sub-health) generated
“Sub” specific performance psychologically are: lack of energy, low mood, unresponsive insomnia, daytime sleepiness, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, irritability, anxiety, easily frightened, etc., is manifested in the physical. fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath during activity, sweating, backache, leg pain and so on. In addition, there may appear cardiovascular diseases such as heart palpitations, arrhythmia. Therefore, in most cases, sub-health means more psychological sub-health.
Experts study showed, resulting in “sub-health” factors are the following 🙁 a) Due to the increasingly fierce competition. (B) due to the aging of the human body. Early (three) cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases. (Iv) human biological cycle low tide period.

3 common symptoms of health groups
Common symptoms of health groups are the following 🙁 a) insomnia, dreams, dizziness, tinnitus, male nocturnal emission, night sweats, fatigue and other symptoms based series. (B) loss of appetite, mouth ulcers or recurrent tonsillitis, dizziness, drowsiness, limb acid storm, drowsiness, lethargy, constipation, loose stools and so on. (C) skinny, pale. (D) depression, depressed, paranoid, self-closing and so on.

For women summer how health care

Summer health is very important, so women summer how health care it?
For a female friend is concerned, blood running also will be strong together. So, the summer how health it? Summer is the most important health care is to adjust the spirit, so the sun was shining, the weather is so mild, people naturally cheerful mood pleasant, but inevitably affect mood due to hot weather, female friends to avoid boredom, angry, depressed. In addition, a female friend in summer also need to pay attention to what health problem? Xiaobian for you to organize and interpret the following four aspects.

First, mental or emotional
In summer, people’s favorite sayings was “心静自然凉” people’s spiritual activities like the weather should keep the high temperature state, so the mood remained calm, pleasant and cheerful. And if poor mood, it will lead to liver qi stagnation flow, and endocrine system disorders, low immunity, which tends to lead to various diseases. Thus, in the summer, a female friend should focus on mental health, keep cheerful optimism to make qi smoothly, and thus play a role in health care. Therefore, women friends in the summer boredom aside, it is important to maintain a cheerful mood.

Second, the personal law
In summer, days longer, nights shorter, and people living law will also change, there may be some female friends are not used to getting up early, but in the summer time more than six in the morning the sun has an armchair, and therefore, Do not snooze on living to early hours, sooner or later, the air is relatively fresh, you can choose to walk, stretch your muscles and joints, feel the unique charm of summer nature.
Female summer health
Female summer health
Third, exercise regimen
Female friends to pay attention, after the summer, but should strengthen exercise, do not always air-conditioned room in the house, so there is not much benefit to the body. You can choose when the sun is not so strong to fresh air and nature in a run, doing exercise, fly a kite, some exercise body and mind, the body will get a very good conservation. Both seasons, people who regularly participate in exercise, the ability to resist the virus will be higher than normal, while logical thinking ability will be more agile, people will not easily fatigued, so that summer female friend of health care from non-Oh opening movement.

Fourth, the diet regimen
For a female friend is concerned, summer diet regimen is critical. As the temperature is high, the body will often sweat, it will lose a lot of moisture, therefore, need to replenish moisture, we recommend a female friend who eat fresh fruits and vegetables to add moisture and energy, such as watermelon, melon, cucumber, tomatoes, etc., can also be Qingre eat some fruits and vegetables, such as gourd, bitter melon, pear and so on.
Also, summer is the human intestinal bacteria susceptible to multiple seasons, so you can eat some female friends in favor of sterilization of vegetables, such as garlic, green onions, onions, etc., there is a good breeding ground for the virus suppression and resistance effect.


A female friend in the summer of health care is very important to pay attention to it, for the physical condition of the next season played a good role in the foundation. To maintain the healthy development of the body, we must first have a good mood, and secondly, in terms of diet, sleep, exercise, etc. should strengthen maintenance. Woman to love yourself, to have a healthier, more perfect life.

Health knowledge: four drug agents can not break apart and taking (note)

Health knowledge: four drug agents can not break apart and taking (note)

Many people in the medication, often because of some oral tablets or pills too large and difficult to swallow, or give the child medication inconvenience, but often taken to crush the pill taking. Patients also often have asked us what drugs can break apart and eat, what drugs can not break apart and eat. This doctrine from pharmaceutical preparations, of which there are four types of pharmaceutical dosage forms should be careful not to break apart and take.
A sustained-release tablets: This dosage form is characterized by a slow release into the body, a long time to maintain efficacy, the preparation is prepared from a special way, such as chew or break apart clothing, will affect the efficacy , can not play its sustained action.

2, enteric-coated tablets: enteric tablets in the stomach is the complete disintegration or dissolution in the intestines and coated tablets. Where susceptible to gastric damage drugs such as trypsin, or too irritating to the stomach drugs, such as aspirin, erythromycin, or intestinal anthelmintic, are using enteric-coated tablets, crush or break apart if clothing, will reduce the efficacy or stomach irritation.


3 capsules: This formulation can not only mask the odor and bitter taste of drug, and then dissolved into the gastrointestinal tract, but also better bioavailability than tablets. If capsules apart, odor specificity, children should not be taken, but it is difficult to accurately dose. Capsules ordinary capsules and sustained-release capsules are two, if sustained-release capsules crush will destroy its structure can not achieve sustained-release purposes.

4, double-coated tablets: Multienzyme can be used to illustrate this dosage form. Multienzyme enteric-coated outer layer of the inner layer of icing. If you crush or break apart and serve, not only the loss of protective enzymes, trypsin powder residue and may stimulate the mucous membrane in the mouth, or even cause severe mouth ulcers.

Fall health: How to Solve the autumn of lack of two trick

Fall health: How to Solve the autumn of lack of two trick
1, more than the sun
Add plenty of sunshine in the human body can suppress melatonin secretion after melanin, however, when the autumn comes, the sunlight will no longer want that kind of intense summer rain will gradually increase, this time on the body’s melatonin will increase, so will always thyroxine and adrenaline, will make people feel depressed mood.

Therefore, the proper mood more than the sun can make people become open, appear to be more spiritual. If you are in the rainy days, you can open the house lighting facilities, can also improve people’s excitement. 2, the extra hour of sleep a day
Summer day short night, many people develop a habit of getting up early sleep at night, when the autumn comes, this habit should be adjusted. Fight night sleep before 10:30, because the body’s various organs began to decline after 11:00, they also need to rest. In addition, a nap is also essential, especially the elderly best to develop the habit of napping. Only by allowing adequate sleep, and will solve the problem fundamentally sleepy. Of course, sleep is not possible, according to the usual habits, sleep for an hour a day, the best guarantee for 7-8 hours of sleep. The spirit of the times in order to put to work and study.

So life: the meaning of life in the kitchen

              See the definition of the philosopher who is also quite inspired, he said, “people can not tolerate a single color; who can not stand the solidification time and space; who can not tolerate the existence of emptiness; who can not tolerate the loss of self; who can not stand completely blank . “The problem here that are in line with our reality, the key is how to crack this problem.

People like this, can not tolerate a single color, not like Laogan one thing, even if this thing is very suitable for them does not work, then also complain life is not rich, so he began to travel; shopping; drink, in fact, this is the heart can not fall.
Solidification time and space can not tolerate people not like to do some more boring; boredom; trivial; annoying things, such Cayou hood; clean up the kitchen; put all the pots and pans at home rubbing new, etc., which all belong to the solidification time and space, like dry fun and interesting things.
People can not tolerate the existence of emptiness, so people always want to do something, or even what is the point, such as when a minor official, or official, pipe something, a little power, gotta put yourself displayed.
People like this, unconsciously, on the last of the “thief” ship, if you do not put these thorough analysis, he thought he was desperately in pursuit of the value of life, but also that the meaning is doing his own life. Especially the death-defying want an officer who, defying who want to control something, in fact, are the most incompetent people, human capacity is not something you can control how much, because such people are doing business, its purpose is not to Officer but fill an inner void, the dry matter mostly frustrating, because in his heart of hearts, the starting point is not for the benefit of, but there is no sense of torment.
Because only toss, will solve the “single color; solidification time and space; existence emptiness,” which is his real purpose, but he will not admit this purpose. Because he does not know who’s behind, there will be such a thing. He will use a set of logical deduction set out the truth, to explain his behavior, which is the difference between the so-called rational, human and other animals, is rational, but also rationality derived logic used in a life of , the meaning is derived not come.
The so-called derivation logic, are a psychological reaction to push the concept, it can not get in real life. Now the mention of science; logic; analysis; judge for the life of this great practice, I creeps, nature is nature, life is life, nature and life can not have a set of scientific logic approach.
World Dahua, again and again, but the air circulation is yin and yang, yin and yang of the gas even while this is not a purely rational. So life is simply not purely rational logic of life, becoming a blessing to be a refuge scientific logic failure. Solve monotonous; lonely; emptiness, as peace of mind is a blessing to resolve. Chinese sage is invincible, the fundamental purpose is to use the “most simple; low cost; most convenient” way to solve these fundamental problems. The kitchens are able to solve these problems. Need not himself so hard, to an officer; go Officer; let’s go to an officer Officer, do not need strenuous effort.

Life is so: the kitchen is the home of the soul

See the definition of the philosopher who is also quite inspired, he said, “people can not tolerate a single color; who can not stand the solidification time and space; who can not tolerate the existence of emptiness; who can not tolerate the loss of self; who can not stand completely blank . “The problem here that are in line with our reality, the key is how to crack this problem.

There is a series of questions designed, than a no easy solution, if some serious, life if a few things to get it resolved is good, and as simple as possible, the cost as low as possible, the required resources better, more able to popularize the better, the more it can give less harassment as possible, the more we can inspire other people to be good, the better, this can be said that a person has “capacity.”
We can not say that a man invented the “atomic bomb” has the ability to be called, can not say that a person can read “Doctor” is meant the ability, but also can not say that a person can become a “high official” is meant the ability, but can not said a man made ​​a “big money” has the ability to be called. Because a person can read “Doctor”, not be able to solve the problem, not solve these problems, not solve the fundamental problem is that life inevitably will use extreme measures to solve these problems, the good thing is the “suicide” the most harmful is the “murder” rather hard “killings” have been rare, but the “soft kill” more vicious, the most common “soft kill” is constantly “frustrating”, who from such a person near, unlucky, which is like live in dormitories a “sleep” of the people, not medication, the results get who sleep, watch TV; call; blind online chat.
We often say that paradoxically, look at a few ways to start with this, how to look at a person is to solve these problems, do not look at a person in particular to do, and see if he is wanted by the dry thing, really want to solve the problem, too many people do not know themselves what their true purpose is, but this one in particular will be disguised, the most common is the moral disguise, such as home vain all day long, but he would say to me it was all for this “home” ah, in fact, this person did not live or die housekeeper, just to himself. There is a logical disguise excuse for his behavior up to this man, first of all he knew his behavior guilty, and thus will find a good excuse for their behavior, common interface is the “hobby” In fact, he those acts of harm to others has long been a “hobby”, or for their first establish an “argument” and then further to a logical extension of their arguments own logic, its own extension, of course, is very correct, he forgot, Apart from him, there is heaven and earth.
This man is an enemy of good family, home, and if there are such people, turns out to be the enemy of the current, older people ran out why you need it? Really busy schedules thing? No, now, although busy, but it has not been busy on that part Rickshaw’s.
Unable to endure the loss of self, is “restless” because a people, we always want to get everyone’s approval, social recognition, which may also be called social person “animal” reasons caused, in fact, cause a person always want to admit groups, or because the human heart is not strong enough. Do not give yourself any old excuse, a person’s “soul” is the need to be placed in a home, what is the “soul”? Is a person in any place to stay, the more long-term, their “soul” will fall where best to your “soul”, placed in your own home, “kitchen”, do not do not worship “ghost house” worship “Wild Ghosts.”